VSC SoftSwitch - Virtual Service Controller

VSC VoIP Platform is a complete SoftSwitch solution Class IV and V, carrier grade, allowing a comprehensive management of the services of a PSTN and MCS telecommunication operators.


Fully prepared to support high traffic volume.


VSC offers RealTime Billing, Class IV and V functionalities, Prepaid and Postpaid business models support and, at the same time, dynamic routing functionalities, ASR, Routing Management, LCR, ACD, etc.


The platform enables the deployment of Corporate and Residential (Retail) business models, IVR, Prepaid cards, Wholesale, and ANI Recognition.


The entire system is managed through a user-friendly web interface, which includes a large set of reports (CDR, tickets, ASR, ACD, Statistics, etc.) and a great amount of tools for mass information administration.


VSC has multi-level architecture, with three hierarchical web levels: Telco, Distributer, and User, which enables service provision over Cloud Computing. Each level has different logins to access settings and customized look&feel, with reports in English and Portuguese (Brazil).


The system stands out for being highly scalable, giving to the PSTN or MCS operators the option to start with a single-host infrastructure and thus increase the amount of servers as traffic increases.


VSC also supports configurations for High Availability, Load Balance and Fault Tolerance scenarios.


As complementary components, VSC includes a complete login system (SYSLOG), two interfaces to interact directly with the database (SDKs and Web Services), e-commerce interface to interact with international (VerySign) and Brazilian (Cobre Bem) payment gateways, and CDR export tools.


VSC supports several Gateway brands, IP-Phones, Soft-Phones, PABXs IP, Asterisks, etc..


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Target Markets

  • Broadband internet operators (Corporate and Residential ISP services)
  • Cable operators (including Triple Play operators: TV, broadband, and telephone service)
  • Prepaid card operators
  • Wholesale operators (SIP and H323)
  • Wimax operators
  • Pay Phone
  • Telcos (Fixed and Mobile)
  • Call Centers or Contact Centers
  • Websites and WebPhones
  • Call Shops
  • SIP Trunking

Approved CPEs and Gateways

  • Cisco
  • Audiocodes
  • InWise
  • Sipura
  • X-Ten
  • X-PRO
  • EyeBeam
  • Stracta
  • WiFi IPP
  • Mediatrix
  • SJPhone
  • LinkSys
  • AddPac
  • Grandstream
  • Micronet
  • Panasonic
  • UTStartcom
  • Opticom
  • Khomp
  • Motorola
  • Squire
  • Digitro
  • Vocaltec
  • Asterisk
  • D-Link
  • 3CX Phone
  • Nokia Embedded
  • Fring
  • SIP Droid
  • MTA Arris

General Information

  • Support for Corporate, Residential, Wholesale, Prepaid Cards, ANI Recognition in SIP and H323
  • Number Portability compatible with MS, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle
  • 100% ready for PSTN and MCS services
  • Integration with Gateways, IP-Phones, Soft-Phones, PBX, Asterisks, etc.
  • Multiple distributors
  • Ready to provide services in “Cloud Computing”
  • Applications control and GTW SIP - SS7: Khomp, PGW (Cisco), Vocaltec and Squire over GTW Cisco and Audiocodes, etc.
  • Support for “High Availability”, “Load Balance” e “Fault Tolerance”
  • Reseller Module - with customized logo and skins
  • Prompt playing through Audio Servers
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2014


  • Real-time billing
  • Prepaid and postpaid billing
  • CDRs with complete call information
  • Collect calls management
  • CSP management
  • CDRs export for DETRAF Module of PSTN Lic.
  • Capacity to include profit margin on tariffs
  • Table of tariffs for each group of clients
  • Grace period, billing time threshold, time block, initial time, minimum time, etc.
  • Access number charges (0-800 y 4003)
  • Charges for the use of infrastructure for distributors.
  • Maintenance costs per each day or any other time period.
  • Connection and activation charges


  • User web interface
  • Block/Allow rules
  • Automatic credit recharge
  • Credit recharge via web
  • Videoconferencing support
  • Multiple line grouping
  • Class V features
  • Call Forward “Unavailable”
  • Absolute call forward
  • Users and group users with expiration
  • PIN and Batch expiration within a time period.
  • Credit alarm for the user
  • User without credit may receive calls
  • User without credit may make “on-net” calls
  • Time limitation for prepaid calls.


  • Real time and stored billing and “Debug” log
  • Support for on-line purchases/payments
  • SDKs and “Web Services” for integration with ERP and CRM
  • Response cache
  • “Black Lists”
  • MRTG
  • VSC Stats Web and Mobile Modules for Use Statistics

Joint Solutions (*)

(*) These scenarios are supported in joint operation with the IP-to-IP equipment from Cisco or Asterisk.


  • RFCs 1321; 2198; 2327; 2617; 2833; 2865; 2866; 3261; 3262; 3264; 3265; 3310; 3326; 3482; 3489; 3515; 3550; 3551; 3581; 3711; 3842; 3891; 5424
  • SIPv2, H323v2, RADIUS AAA, RAS, SDP, RTP and HTTP
  • SIP trunking register
  • GK “Zone Management”
  • Dynamic registers and Register Monitoring
  • NAT Solutions
  • DTMF Support
  • Dynamic routing (or “Fail Over Routing”) and SIP Forking Proxy


  • CSP and Portability routing
  • Dynamic routing (LCR, ASR and ACD)
  • Priority routing
  • Number translation rules
  • Numbering plans based on the E.164 format
  • Vanity numbering plans
  • Number interval setting for PSTN.
  • “Centrex” model


  • Portuguese, English, Spanish and Chinese IVR
  • ANI-Recognition
  • IVR for credit recharge
  • IVR for ANI association
  • Transfer of funds between PINs
  • PINs with multiple receptions
  • Multiple calls in the same session
  • Automatic routing to recharge IVR


  • Management Web Interface in Portuguese and English
  • Multi-user access for back-end interface (Admin./ NOC/ Commercial, etc.)
  • Fraud control, highly customizable interface
  • Account block and activation
  • Complete set of tools for mass management of accounts, groups, routes, route plans, tariffs, costs tables, etc.
  • Alarm system for platform administrators
  • System log. Who did what and when
  • Tariff management
  • PINs / “Batches” ID control


  • Reports in CSV format
  • ASR and ACD reports
  • Statistic reports
  • Earnings reports
  • Deleted users reports
  • Reports by destinations
  • Actual time and estimated time reports
  • Cards reports
  • Custom reports builder
Our Customers
High Customer Satisfaction


Rafael Machado, Telephone Service Manager, Life Telecom
(Broadband, Telephone Service, and Digital TV, Lic. PSTN de Marília, SP)

 VoIP Group's Platform is complete, and it features differentiated management, being the best PSTN platform in the market today.

 The technical architecture of the VSC Platform features a performance quality that is significantly above that of the competitors. We had interruption issues, inaccuracies in billing data, problems with service performance and stability. We solved all these problems with VSC.  More Info...



Fabio Escorpione, President and CEO at Ensite Telecom
(Broadband and Telephone Service, Lic. PSTN from Birigui, SP)

 VSC Platform is very reliable and stable, ensuring the reliability of real-time billing.

We were 100% focused in the corporate market, where VSC reliability and high availability, and VoIP Group support are essential. More Info...



Valmir Consoni, President and CEO at VipWay Telecom
(Broadband and Telephone Service, Lic. PSTN from Santos, SP, CSP 75)

 VipWay obtained its PSTN license in October 2008. We acquired several software and they were just a waste of money and time. Fortunately, in one of the visits to FutureCom, we met VoIP Group.

The proprietary technology of Softswitch VSC is fantastic, It provided safety to accurately bill our customers, leaving no margin for doubts or billing mistakes.

VoIP Group’s Support is always ready  More Info...



Manoel Santana, CEO, ViaReal Telecom
(Broadband and Telephone Service, Lic. PSTN from Conselheiro Lafaiete, MG)

 Our technicians needed to have real time billing pricing integrated into Softswitch. We researched the market and found that the leadership and quality of VoIP Group's technology was a very big differential with respect to what we had and the other domestic and international alternatives available, so we decided to change.  More Info...



Clebson Gois, Supervisor of Telephone Service, Cable Telecom
(Cable TV, Broadband and Telephone Service, Lic. PSTN from Natal, RN, CSP 74)

 With VSC we gained features as: Realtime Billing, Control Plans, Numeric Portability database consulting, and ease of integration with the company CRM, among others. More Info...



Adriano Silveira, Operations Manager and Partner, Fale Voz / Ostara Telecom
(Triple Play: Broadband, Telephone Service, and Cable TV, Lic. PSTN from Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, CSP 53)

 Fale Voz (Ostara Telecom) have been using VoIP Group's Platform for approximately 2 (two) years, in which we found the stability we needed for a multivendor and multiservice operation in their proprietary technology, which fitted perfectly our business models, both on the Retail and the Corporate levels.

A mutual partnership vision between the companies is what prevails in the support relationship, bringing in an extremely satisfying and productive relationship for both parties. More Info...



Luiz Costa, Commercial Director, Mob Telecom
(Broadband and Telephone Service, Lic. PSTN from Fortaleza, CE)

 Softswitch VSC proprietary platform for management and real-time billing of the telephone service is perfect, safe and flexible More Info...