• Class IV and V VoIP SoftSwitch VSC Platform with call management and real time billing
  • Dynamic routing to multiple termination services
  • Ready for pre and post-paid solutions
  • Multilevel management platform, with resale registering option
  • IVR control over CISCO
  • PSTN call routing for WiFi phones, analog phones, PC with Softphones and Gateways

Residential and Corporate Telephone Service

A platform 100% ready for IP telephone service in PSTN and MCS operations with Cloud management. With numerous equipment and approved brands to interconnect with any other element of the network.

VoIP Remote Telephone Services

Class 4 and 5 Solutions with features to customize each client profile and to achieve VoIP market penetration.


Real-time management and billing on wholesale environments. Multiple routing options (static and dynamic) and ASR, LCR and ACD control.

Pre-Paid Card (Calling Card)

Cisco compatible solution with real-time billing, configurable IVR in several languages and SIP, H.323 and RADIUS protocols support. Available for environments with physical interconnection or IP-IP.

ANI Recognition

Based on VSC technology, it enables the use of VoIP lines for clients that do not have an on-site internet connection.

Pre-Paid SIP

Solution prepared for keeping an accurate control of SIP lines use. Online recharge option and User Portal for end users. Compatible with Cisco gateways.

Terminal Configuration

Track the expenses of each terminal with different types of cost lists in the most advanced billing on the market. Check the profits in real time to keep the business always at the highest possible level.

Card Configuration

Resale registers with independent management sites. Configuration of “Pinless” customers, multi-language and User Portal.