Now the best professional tools for Voice service administration, and the best ISP managing software are integrated, providing the best option for your ISP and a better cost-benefit ratio for your company.
VoIP Group's VSC is today the best Softswitch with Realtime Billing for Voice administration (SCM and STFC Anatel licences), now it works integrated to the ISP-Integrator ERP from EliteSoft, allowing to administrate you ISP professionally and with the benefit of selling voice plans in prepaid (virtual credit or calling card) or pospaid (credit billing or control plans with minutes or money limits).
Both development teams are working together since 2008 in market players that already work with telephony. Several resources were developed to manage customer services, allowing the creation of flexible plans and different commercial alternatives to work with broadband access, web hosting and telephony services. Do not lose this oportunity of making business with telephony, take advantage of your market, expand your business, now we can help you with the management of the whole solution.
With the resources added in VSC and ISP-Integrator, it is possible to add customer data to only one system, avoiding divergent informations from the commercial area, improving your tech support and optimizing administrative and financial processes in billing tasks, as customer data, activations, credits and cancellations are managed directly in the ERP avoiding duplicates and data entry errors, and providing total management control over these informations.
VSC as well as ISP-Integrator work natively with XML and WebServices, those technologies allowed us to develop specific routines to communicate the systems. Now each tool takes care of their own specific and specialized modules: customer plans and finnancial issues are treated in ISP-Integrator, while call management, credits and billing are in charge of VSC.

Besides these features VoIP Group provides tools such as Web Services and SDKs to integrate any ERP or CRM of the Telecom market.