Company Structure

Headquarters in Miami, Florida, USA.

  • Entrance gateway for the Americas.
  • Entrance gateway for the US market.

Business Development and Support Office.

  • Miami, Florida, USA since 1999.
  • São Pablo, Brazil. (VG Brazil IP Ltd., telephone services solutions) since January, 2003.
  • Córdoba, Argentina. (R&D center) (VoIP Group Argentina SA) since 2000.

R&D, in Córdoba, Argentina.

  • Quality and quantity of software and telecommunications engineers.
  • Lower development cost for the exchange rate.
  • High level communication infrastructure.
General Description

VoIP Group is a global pioneer company in the development of proprietary services and solutions for IP telephone services.


VoIP Group, founded in the United States in 1998, is a privately held company, which has received three funding rounds for a total of USD 8 million. The company has offices in Miami (USA), São Paulo (Brazil), and Cordoba (Argentina).


VoIP Group is an absolute leader in Brazil, playing a key role in the development of the Brazilian IP telephone service industry for the last years, supporting most of the PSTN and MCS (internet providers, cable TV, voice operators, etc.) projects currently working in Brazil with its proprietary technology SoftSwitch VSC Class IV and V Centrex Platform, with its own local office and support.


Its clients in Brazil are Carriers including: Transit Telecom, CaboNatal Telecom, Fale Mais/Ostara Telecom, Blue Interactive/Via Cabo, ViaReal Telecom, VIPway Telecom, Life Telecom, Vmax Telecom, Predialnet Telecom, Mob Telecom, BSA Telecom, Visão Tecnologia Telecom, Bitcom Telecom, BBSSul Internet Telecom, WKVE Telecom, Certto Telecom, Acer Telecom, Você Telecom, Naja Telecom, Titania Telecom, GTI Telecom, Maxiweb Telecom, Gigalink Telecom, Arganet Telecom, Sumicity Telecom, Linetell Telecom, Voxe Telecom, ADP3 Telecom, etc.


The company also operates in USA, Chile, Argentina, Japan, Peru, and Venezuela.


VoIP Group gained global relevance after winning a NASA (USA) tender in 2001, for which it developed the product MGU, allowing the International Space Station (ISS) to communicate through VoIP with a network of labs in universities, companies, and military bases of the military-space complex in USA.


Investment Rounds

Dec, 2001: USD 4.5M investment from ATG Ventures

  • Infrastructure growth and consolidation, professional and capable management team, change of focus in product roadmap, release of the SoftSwitch VSC Class 4 and Class 5 platform and other IP telephone service solutions.

Jan, 2001: Development and maintenance of IVoDS for NASA, USA.

July, 2000: USD 3.5M strategic investment from of Germany, with a market value at that time of USD 2B.

Apr, 2000: Incorporated as a company in Miami, Florida, USA.

Dec, 1998: USD 600,000 from business angels. Release of VComX, 80+ VComX sold worldwide:

  • USA, Germany, Spain, Lebanon, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, etc.
  • VComX success, received awards in international events
    • Internet Telephone Services Miami, USA. Internet Telephone Services New York, USA. Expocom Buenos Aires, Argentina. Telexpo São Paulo, Brazil. Telexpo México DF, México.

Cordoba Technology Cluster

  • Founder and current member of Cluster, with over 120 local tech companies.
  • Over 10 years in the market.
  • A total of $400M sales / year.
  • Annual exports: $72M.
  • A total of 3500 employees.
  • Regional coverage in Latin America.
  • Notable members.
  • Software Factory.
  • CMM Software Quality Certification.
  • Connected with: Universities, government, congress, investment funds, European Union, Eurocenters, USA, UK, embassies, ProChile, etc.
Geographical Coverage

  • Miami, USA - Headquarters.
  • São Paulo, Brazil - Business Development Office, Support.
  • Córdoba, Argentina - R&D, Support.
Target Markets

  • Telcos: Fixed and mobile access distributors, emerging Telcos
  • ISPs
  • Cable TV operators and Triple Play
  • Corporate, Headquarters and branches, government, etc.
  • Prepaid Cards (Operators)
  • Call Centers
  • Communication Centers
  • Web Sites, Web 2 Phone
  • Special Projects