High Customer Satisfaction


Adriano Silveira, Operations Manager and Partner, Fale Voz / Ostara Telecom
(Triple Play: Broadband, Telephone Service, and Cable TV, Lic. PSTN from Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, CSP 53)

 Fale Voz (Ostara Telecom) have been using VoIP Group's Platform for approximately 2 (two) years, in which we found the stability we needed for a multivendor and multiservice operation in their proprietary technology, which fitted perfectly our business models, both on the Retail and the Corporate levels.


Thanks to VoIP Group's support team, we were able to adapt the platform for PSTN operation, as well as to make the entry of new partners more flexible, within a resale and commercial representation model. A mutual partnership vision between the companies is what prevails in the support relationship, bringing in an extremely satisfying and productive relationship for both parties.


We found well-consolidated operation methods in the Platform, what gave us the confidence we needed to offer the market and associates a reliable and high-quality product. 



Clebson Gois, Supervisor of Telephone Service, Cable Telecom
(Cable TV, Broadband and Telephone Service, Lic. PSTN from Natal, RN, CSP 74)

 We have been working with Sotfswitch VSC since 2010 and in that period we did not have any technical problems with the platform, and therefore, we classify Softswitch as a solid, reliable and high quality platform.


VSC support is amazing, they are always available to understand and develop (if necessary), helping to solve the specific problems of the company.


With the deployment of VSC the Cabo Telecom company was able to add value to the telephone service, since we gained functionalities that I consider important such us: real-time billing, credit control or what we call “Control Plan”, a register, call barring, portability database consulting, ease of integration between VSC and the company CRM, among others



Valmir Consoni, President and CEO at VipWay Telecom
(Broadband and Telephone Service, Lic. PSTN from Santos, SP, CSP 75)

 VipWay obtained its PSTN license in October 2008. We acquired several software and they were just a waste of money and time. Fortunately, in one of the visits to FutureCom, we met VoIP Group.


The proprietary technology of Softswitch VSC is fantastic, It provided safety to accurately bill our customers, leaving no margin for doubts or billing mistakes.


VoIP Group’s Support is always ready and resolves all our doubts, which is rare among many service providers.


Today we have implemented the Softswitch VSC Solutions in Santos/SP, São Paulo/SP, Campinas/SP, Ribeirão Preto/SP, Sertãozinho/SP, São Sebastião do Paraíso/MG, Belo Horizonte/MG, Goiânia/GO, and Miami/USA. 



Rafael Machado, Telephone Service Manager, Life Telecom
(Broadband, Telephone Service, and Digital TV, Lic. PSTN de Marília, SP)

 VoIP Group's Platform is complete, and it features differentiated management, being the best PSTN platform in the market today. Real time monitoring provides us a big-picture vision, secure billing monitoring, and the guarantee for the complete performance of our IP telephone services.


VoIP Group's support combines quality and efficiency, they always answer with the best quality. Professionals that make an effort to always come up with the best solution. Easy-to-access support, allowing us to accompany each and every problem resolution.


The technical architecture of the VSC Platform features a performance quality that is significantly above that of the competitors. We had interruption issues, inaccuracies in billing data, problems with service performance and stability. We solved all these problems with VSC



Manoel Santana, CEO, ViaReal Telecom
(Broadband and Telephone Service, Lic. PSTN from Conselheiro Lafaiete, MG)

 Our technicians needed to have real time billing pricing integrated into Softswitch. We researched the market and found that the leadership and quality of VoIP Group's technology was a very big differential with respect to what we had and the other domestic and international alternatives available, so we decided to change.


So far, the quality, experience and know-how of VoIP Group regarding the technology of IP Telephone service and how to perform a PSTN operation have given us plenty of satisfactions, and we have no doubt that we are going to grow a lot in VSC technology. 



Fabio Escorpione, President and CEO at Ensite Telecom
(Broadband and Telephone Service, Lic. PSTN from Birigui, SP)

 VSC Platform is very reliable and stable, ensuring the reliability of real-time billing.


VoIP Group has one of the best support service we have ever had, always flexible and addressing our needs.


In the past, we used a platform that did not support system integration and portability resources, and it was not possible to achieve our expansion objectives. With Softswitch VSC it was simple for that to happen.


We were 100% focused in the corporate market, where VSC reliability and high availability, and VoIP Group support are essential.


We are present in 9 cities with PSTN interconnection and we intend to achieve 10 cities more by the end of 2015.


We believe that VSC Centrex Module will help us in our new PBX-IP Virtual projects 



Luiz Costa, Commercial Director, Mob Telecom
(Broadband and Telephone Service, Lic. PSTN from Fortaleza, CE)

 Softswitch VSC proprietary platform for management and real-time billing of the telephone service is perfect, safe and flexible, not only for the operations of a startup company, but also for operators established with a great amount of minutes.


VoIP Group's support is of optimal quality, they are fast and precise in their answer to queries, covering all the necessary requirements for an operation with commercial or corporate clients.


With Sotfswitch VSC, our company can cover all the requirements of our end users in one single platform.