• Create reports, manage interconnection contracts and show different informations in NGN structures.
  • Make today your Detraf reports automatically and according to your actual network.
  • Do you have a STFC licence and a VSC VoIP Softswitch Platform? VGD is a complete CDR management system, completely integrated with the VSC VoIP Softswitch Platform.
  • VGD is available as an additional module of the VSC VoIP Softswitch Platform and integrates through a file system interface for easy management.

One more service

VGD alows to set Telcos, Interconnection Contracts, Transport Costs, Cities, Sectors and Billing Regions, Service Descriptors, Time slices and POI features of the Telco's network.

... and fewer problems

If you are already doing Detraf manually (or if your are not even doing it!) you can choose a modeular, quick solution that easily integrates with your VSC VoIP Softswitch Platform.

New Reports

Generate statistics for each interconnection contract and check when it will be useful to invest in new interconnection points or expand the actual structure. Analyze each POP capacity with internal and external network usage.

Monitor exactly what you need to see

Discover and check how much the Carriers are billing for each interconnection, and apply different tools to control the situation. Improve your interconnections analyzing in each case the real need of paying transport costs and keep up to date with cost-benefit ratios.