VSC Centrex / Class V

The VSC Centrex / Class V module allows operators to provide PBX smart services like conditional or unconditional routing, call transfer, three-way conference call, group calling and voicemail, among others.


The setup is simple and dynamic, allowing an easy integration with the VoIP SoftSwitch VSC Plataform.


The solution enables the administration of the module to provide the users currently registered in VSC with Class V functionalities, making the features available directly in the existing DIDs.


It also enables the setting of different corporations in the “Virtual PBX” mode, with interconnections via SIP trunking with VSC, where each corporation may use one or more than one VSC DID to make and receive externals calls.



  • User-friendly web based configuration interface
  • Automatic integration with SoftSwitch VSC for real time billing and IP telephone service management
  • Multiple DDR <-> DID configuration by corporation
  • LDI, LDN, Cellphones, etc. blocking management
  • Blocking by extension and corporation feature
  • Customizable voicemail. Configurable messages, voicemail sending
  • Conditional and unconditional call routing
  • Answered and direct call transferring
  • Conference rooms
  • Follow-Me
  • Group calls
  • Multilevel structure (3 access levels)
  • CDR reports by corporation
  • Configurable IVR with day/night function
  • Multilevel IVR
  • Call recording
  • Hold music
  • Codecs management
  • Frontend customization for each corporation
  • Simultaneous ring in internal + external extension
  • Speed-dial configurable by extension and corporation